The Spitzer Solutions Partner Group is one of the leading companies for industrial automation. 12 locations in Europe and Asia with a team of ca. 170 experts and cooperation partner in different countries in the world build our global presence, which is the basic for our success.

The company was formed by a highly specialized engineering staff with experience and practice since 1989 in the field of industry automation and informatization. We develope sophisticated solutions tailored to the individual needs of every one customer. Our products are used among others for steering and controlling production lines, as well as for collecting, processing and analyzing data gathered in the production processes. Long term experience, a huge know how, competence and flexibility of our engineers are our strength to provide systems of even the most demanding clients. We guarantee a professional approach to even the most complex issues.

Prior to implementation of any project we make an in-depth-analysis of the client’s requirements, furthermore we analyse areas where we see room for improvement. Then we develop the best solutions – technically, functionally and economically – proposing innovative technology at the lowest cost possible. Our goal is to provide our clients with optimal solutions.

Thanks to the international presence of companies from the Spitzer Solutions Partner Group we are able to pursue projects not only in Europe, but also all over the world. Applying the experiences gathered in implementing projects on various continents and within various cultures and basing on the knowledge of regional customs and principles, we can flexibly adapt to the formalities and procedures required in a given country and consequently achieve our specific goals.